We wanted to make available to everyone learning from experts, all of them gathered in the same place. Here, you can find amazing resources for several issues, all of them from worldwide known experts.


“I truly congratulate Ricardo, Gustavo and Yolanda for bringing us this valuable content for improving our life. Besides, it is free! Thank you so much for your intention of making this world a better place. When you create these summits you improve the world. I am sure your mentors will say: They are amazing people that have the right focus to change the world.”          

Karsten Kramer

Mentors Connection, for me, has meant to reconnect with my inner child and start a path of true love to myself, which has helped me to transcend as a human being, to love life and to be happy.

¡¡¡¡Thank you Mentors Connection!!!!

‎Mirthala San Vicente Duarte IT Systems Coordinator. Organización Editorial Mexicana